Collaborative Defense for Your
Legal Malpractice Claims

Working with you and for you. Collaborative DefenseSM - an innovative offering that's an industry first, and only the Attorney Protective program has it. Collaborative Defense is composed of several unique, money-saving provisions like reducing your deductible when we successfully collaborate. It's more than lip service. We have written it specifically into the program policy.

Real collaboration. Our program's policy also supports your attendance at trial, hearing or arbitration by actually paying you to attend (up to $500 per day, $10,000 per claim, and up to $50,000 aggregate). And best of all, the policy covers the first $25,000 of defense costs before your deductible even kicks in. That's real collaboration.

When the unthinkable happens. Every claim tells a story and every story makes us wiser. Our AttPro team has lived through thousands of claims side-by-side with lawyers. What we know from experience is that a claim can be traumatic. It can be far less traumatic with someone by your side who knows the territory intimately. That's why we take collaboration with you on claims so seriously.

At Attorney Protective, collaboration is a two-way street. And it can save you money. Who doesn't feel good about that?

Has the unthinkable happened to your law firm?

We've put together a roadmap for current clients of the steps you need to take when a claim happens to your law firm. Take a deep breath. We're here to help. If you are not a client, please contact us for more information on claims.

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*Details provided in the policy.

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