Coverage Designed For Lawyers By Lawyers

Attorney Protective's New Policy is More Robust

In all states written nationwide 4/1 except 6/1 in DC, MA, and MN.


  • Coverage underwritten by a Berkshire Hathaway Company with an A++ rating from AM Best
  • Five ways to cut your deductible in half with Collaborative Defense
  • $25,000 in claims expense covered through First Dollar Defense before the deductible is due
  • Deductible does not reduce the limit of liability
  • Supplemental Payments increased to $200,000 in aggregate
    • Subpoena assistance up to $25,000 in aggregate
    • Increased $50,000 Disciplinary Proceeding expense limit and $100,000 in aggregate for all proceedings.
    • Loss of earnings payments of up to $500 a day, $10,000 per claim, and $50,000 in aggregate for your attendance at a trial, hearing, or arbitration at our request


  • Spouses, domestic partners, heirs and estate are included as vicarious insureds
  • Claims team consisting of exclusively experienced attorneys
  • Extension for Legal Services in a pro-bono capacity
  • $25,000 in reimbursed public relations consulting expense arising from a Crisis Event
  • Extended reporting periods for lawyers who discontinue practicing law, or in the event of death or permanent disability


  • Attorney staffed hotline to discuss ethics and management questions that arise in daily practice
  • Law firm management resources, including engagement letter examples
  • Live CLE webinars throughout the year to help fulfill ethics credits
  • AttPro Ally is a quarterly newsletter for today’s law firm – an Ally in a world of risk